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St Andrews Office Park

39 Wordsworth Avenue, St Andrews.

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011 879 7200 / 7250

St Andrews Office Park

39 Wordsworth Avenue, St Andrews.

You deal with us directly. Sorting out the needs of our clients is not an interruption of our day but the reason for our existence. Our clients and their needs are the reasons for our business.

Picking up the phone, having a conversation, sharing information, making a problem go away or just wishing someone happy birthday – with our clients and with each other, that’s how we have always worked.

Every company in our group is a professional team with an experienced leader and we have always worked together. We have always cross-pollinated our expertise and experience – and it’s because of this fully integrated thinking and holistic approach that the Pogir Group has grown to offer services in different specialised areas:  Short-Term Insurance, Healthcare Solutions, Employee Benefits and Life and Financial Planning.

We use technology to speed things up where it can, make systems more efficient and processes simpler  – but there isn’t any technology that can make your advice and policies better. 

Only people who know you, who understand you and your needs, can do that.

People share experiences. Systems can’t do that. It’s why we still prefer a handshake to an e-mail signature.
That’s the power of people.

You feel a lot better knowing your claim or query is in someone’s hands – rather than just logged somewhere, in the system. 

We use technology where it can improve our service levels and not just because it’s a trend – but we rely on good old fashioned hard working people more. 

rubin pogir

Rubin Pogir

Founding Director
As a founding member of the Pogir Group, for Rubin it has always been about service with a passion.

Selwyn Pogir

Founding Director
As a founding member of the Pogir Group, for Selwyn passion for servicing clients has been the foundation of success.

Peter Hallendorff

Peter thrives in this business – and with over 30 years experience offers a deep knowledge of the healthcare industry.

Darren Pogir

Focused primarily on Healthcare Solutions Darren oversees the financial management of the Pogir Group.

Craig Pogir

As a specialist in Short Term Insurance Craig Pogir  is dedicated to providing the best advice and dynamic service.

Steven Kantor

Steven provides his clients with sound financial advice, and assists them in meeting their financial goals. 

Brian Lichter

Brian is a qualified Attorney and has been in the Short Term Industry since 1982.
Employee Benefits consultants and specialists

Steven Romberg

Steven has been in financial services for over 20 years. He shares his experience and expertise in the financial services industry across the Pogir Group.

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