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Medical Schemes

A medical scheme helps you to pay for your healthcare needs, both in and out of hospital, such as doctors consultations, medication, dental work, nursing, surgery and hospital accommodation.

A medical scheme is managed by a board of trustees who is elected by the schemes’ members. They are responsible for managing the scheme to the benefit of its members.

There are many advantages to belonging to a medical scheme.

It financially protects you if you suddenly have to pay large, unexpected medical costs.

If you have a medical scheme, you can be rest assured that there will be no long delays in your medical treatment because you don’t have funds to pay for it.

Being a member of a scheme also means you have access to private medical care, instead of having to rely on public health services.

The Service Providers we use are:

  • Bonitas/Liberty Health
  • Discovery Health
  • Fedhealth
  • KeyHealth
  • Medihelp
  • Momentum Health
  • Resolution
  • Sizwe
  • Universal/