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011 879 7200 / 7250

St Andrews Office Park

39 Wordsworth Avenue, St Andrews.

It’s about being there for our clients – for life. 

Life Financial Planning is where sound trusted advice and life insurance go hand-in-hand. It’s about asking the right questions and that takes experienced people who know you.

It’s about being there as a trusted advisor by developing a long-term relationship that works for your life.

We are uniquely positioned to provide essential independent financial advice that understands your personal needs and expectations so that you can make the best possible financial decisions and allocate funds to investments that will achieve your goals and maintain your lifestyle.

Through close consultation, we identify your financial needs on a short-, medium- and long-term basis;  we analyse your current financial situation and existing policies and portfolios, and then recommend and create solutions designed to fulfil your aims.

We are there to help you manage your debt and ensure you will have sufficient financial resources in the event of disability, severe illness or death.

We take a holistic approach to wealth creation and asset allocation to ensure that you have sufficient funds for life’s important needs such as children’s education, a new house, a wedding, affording a new car and other large financial commitments.

In addition, we provide ongoing advice on reviewing policies as time passes, to ensure that your Financial Plans are always performing at an optimum status.

If you are an individual client, our Financial Plan will typically include: Life Cover; Disability Cover; Income Protection; Dread Disease Cover; Education Protection; Health Protection; Investment, Retirement Planning and Estate Planning. We will be there for you from cradle to grave.

If you are a business client, we provide for Partnership Assurance, Keyman Insurance and Contingent Liability to protect your business from the financial consequences of a partner or a key member of your company no longer being able to fulfil their functions.

Life Financial Planning offers cover for:

Life Cover

Cover designed to provide a benefit payment to your family, should you die.

Severe Illness Cover

Cover designed in case of an illness or disorder that significantly affects a person’s lifestyle.

Global Education Protector

This cover pays for the child’s education should the Principal Life or Spouse become severely ill, disabled or die.

Capital Disability

This benefit is assessed against the ability to perform your nominated occupation.  It can also be assessed on the severity of your medical impairment.

Income Continuation Benefit

This pays you a regular income if you are disabled and unable to perform your nominated occupation due to injury, illness or disability.

Overhead Expenses Benefit

With this benefit, additional income can be received to cover monthly business overhead expenses.

Buy & Sell Insurance (Partnership Insurance)

This creates a contractual obligation for a deceased member’s estate to sell the deceased members shares for an agreed price to the surviving members, who are obliged to purchase the shares at the agreed price.

Keyman Insurance

Cover taken out by a business to compensate that business for financial that would arise from the death or extended incapacity of an important member of the business.

Contingent Liability Insurance

Cover that is provided should a company wish to protect the personal estate of the Director against any contingent liability on his death or permanent disability.

Tax Free Investments

Interest, capitals gains and dividends earned will be tax free.

Endowment Policy

This is a life insurance contract designed to pay a lump sum after a specific term (on its ‘maturity’) or on death.

Retirement Annuity

This vehicle enables you to save tax-efficiently for retirement.  You can make regular monthly contributions or lump sums to build up capital that will benefit your retirement.

Performance Guarantees

At retirement a living annuity is purchased with the pension benefits originating from your Pension, Provident, Preservation or Retirement Annuity Fund.

Preservation Funds

A preservation fund is one of the best things you can do for your future by preserving your retirement benefits so that it keeps on growing for you to enjoy when you go on pension one day.


Pogir Bastion Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd is a licensed financial services provider (FSP 2132)

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